West Coast Fishnets was founded by a pioneer and visionary, Shri Ashok Pai.

Ashok Pai’s son – Mr Sachin Pai with his knowledge and expertise strive to make it a bigger success. The company shines through his leadership, accumulating laurels as they progress.

West Coast Fishnet is a family owned business and  is located in a privately owned establishment in Manipal India and currently operates under the direction of Sachin Pai. The company is specialized in the manufacturing of fishing nets and twisted twines for multi-purpose applications.

We use state of the art equipment and procedures that combined with our decades of experience and our complete control throughout the production process guarantee the best quality and also excellent value.

Meet our Managing Director!

West Coast Fishnet is led by a team of seasoned industry experts!!

West Coast Fishnets is currently led by, Shri Sachin Pai.

Sri Tonse Sachin Pai is  the Elder Son of Mr. T Ashok Pai, Industrialist and Educationalist Manipal and Grand son of Late Dr.T.M.A.Pai, Founder of Modern Manipal.

He completed his bachelors in computer engineering , MIT, Manipal, India and MBA(International Business) from Thunderbird, the American Graduate School of International Management Glendale, Arizona, USA (now part of Arizona state university)

He is currently the Managing Director, Best Sellers Apparels Pvt. Limited (Garment Export  House, Manipal), Best Sellers Apparels is a leading Apparel Manufacturer based in Manipal, India. The company delivers a range of high-quality Denim Apparel to some of the best-known  Brands in the world. Best Sellers Apparels employs over 2000 people across its facilities in Manipal.

Shri Sachin Pai

Managing Director

He is also the Managing Director, The Canara Land Investments Ltd: Canara Land investments is involved in commercial real estate developments in and around Manipal.

He is also a Trustee, Dr T M A Pai Foundation, Manipal is a charitable trust named after Dr T M A Pai to further the vision & the trust currently runs nine schools and Colleges in Manipal and Udupi areas.            

He is also a  Trustee, Bharatiya Vikas Trust,Manipal  : Main mission of the trust is to bring about tangible change in rural life by focusing on the development in areas like agriculture, animal husbandry, skill development, Education, Self employment etc. Currently lot of work is being done on Rural Energy Access in the area of Solar energy applications.

He also represents as a Non Executive Director: ICDS Limited, Manipal & Manipal Technologies Limited, Manipal.

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Cast a net of quality with our fishnets!

West Coast Fishnet is a company that specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality fishnets for commercial fishing, aquaculture, and sports fishing.